Day 42. Getting ready for photo shoots

The last few days I’ve been setting up meetings with new clients . Those will take place this week. I’ve also been frantically searching for props and outfits/ costumes for these shoots.

I found some that would be perfect but they’re in America and would take too long to get here. I found some here that we’re just too big. So the hunt continues. I’m going to go and have a look at the ones I found and see if I can alter them a bit to make them fit because I’m running out of time.

Were going to be doing some old worldy type shoots with little kids, kinda like little house on the prairie style. That’s why it’s so hard to find.

Im so looking forward to doing these shoots. It’s going to be so much fun and it’s something different to offer the parents. DBAD3046-A944-4C91-8ED4-A6BCB6A7DEAE.jpeg


Day 37. Meeting New Clients

Today mark and I went to meet a young couple and thier little girl. The little girl was full of beans and personality and so cute. Mark talked about what we’re doing in terms of looking for Jim’s Photography’s Kute Kid 2018. Then He showed them some of his previous work. They seemed to be blown away ( as I was when I first saw them.) The way  Mark edits and presents these photos is very unique and hard to explain over the phone. He’s very talented and is going to teach me his technique. I only hope I can master it. This young couple were excited and happy to book a shoot with us after seeing these photos.

All of this is a learning curve for me. From setting up meetings , to conducting yourself professionally at the meetings and also the way you approach your clients. It’s not about twisting anyone’s arm or doing the hard sell, it’s about loving what you do and being humble and making connections with people and letting your work speak for itself. When your work is great like Marks  it sells itself.

Im so excited and looking forward to doing this shoot . So from now til then I need to prepare , practice and collect props and shoot shoot shoot, get in the zone and bring my A game. I can’t wait.

Day 36. Mother’s Day

Today was Mothersday, for me personally it was a great day. I saw my kids and grandkids and spent the day with my mum and family. I was given lots of nice presents, slippers, candles, chocolates and a coffee mug that says I am the best . Although I didn’t take any photos today or achieve anything photography related it was a lovely day .

Im going to end the day watching some photography related videos on you tube and eating my chocolates. I hope all the mothers out there had a great mother’s day , I sure did.

Day 33. Searching for props.

27C1C902-13E5-4648-AF46-56F50AD58C56.jpegI spent the day today searching the internet for affordable props. I found some great stuff I couldn’t afford and some great stuff I could afford but it was miles away. But I did come across the cutest little vintage dolls pram so I went for a drive and picked that up.

So today wasn’t a total waste. I’m very happy with my purchase. I also spoke to the lady I bought it off who has lots of little grand children who might be interested in having some photos done. It was well worth the drive.

Day 32. Spreading the word.

Today I went To a few local shopping centres and I put some cards on notice boards. There’s a few more places I’d like to go to and put some cards  aswell. The more people that see the cards the better. So the more places I can put them the more people will see them.

I also went op shopping again and picked up a couple of things. Nothing too exciting but every little bit helps.

Day 31. Time Flies

Its been a month already. Time really does fly when your having fun. A lot has happened in the last month. I’ve made some mistakes and I’ve learned a lot and met some new people – potential clients.

Today was a bit of a disapointment as I had a meeting booked with a client, I confirmed the appointment yesturday and all was good, happy to go ahead and then they cancelled and hour and a half before the meeting.

Maybe I need to sell it more, get them more excited about what it is we’re offering. That’s something to work on but I’m sure in time it’ll just come naturally.

Today wasn’t a total loss though. I met with Mark and he had some paperwork for me and some cards and things to help me promote.

Tomorrows another day, and another opportunity not to be wasted.

Day 29. Looking for Kute Kids

60A7E2CF-E61F-4BF4-95C3-21BA9080DECE.jpegThis is the competition/promotion that I’m booking for at the moment. It’s an awsome deal and anyone  with young children should take advantage of it while it lasts.These portraits are really unique and more like a piece of art work.If you think your child could be the Kute kids face of 2018 or know someone who has a kute kid , leave me a message (include your email) .